Crystal Reiki Healing – (Session in Tamil Language)

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5 hours of class per day.  Total 10 hours of class for 2 days

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Crystal Reiki healing is a method, combining crystals with Reiki energy
that improves one’s health and quality of life .

Crystals are basically known for their highest form of energy. Crystals
have been used for healing purposes for over thousands of years.
People have utilized the power of crystals to release mental, emotional,
physical and spiritual blockages.

It is widely believed that crystals were extensively used in the culture of
Atlantis and those people were highly knowledgeable about them.
Possibly this knowledge was destroyed during the polar shift and
magnetic reversal that happened some 1200 years ago. Native
Americans had also used crystals extensively in their day to day life.

Crystals are known for their vibrations.This is the result of a particular
color, chemical composition and atomic structure. Crystals have an
orderly structure, which enables them to absorb and reflect energy.

Crystals absorb, store, project and focus energy. Clairvoyants can see
the aura of the Crystals,as sparks of light. Crystals have their own
consciousness,and that can be used for the benefit of human beings,
animals, birds, and other animate and inanimate things.

Benefits of using crystals
Crystals are natural healing stones. They can help with our physical,
emotional, mental and spiritual health.
They can amplify our healing powers. They can be helpful in developing
self confidence, setting healthy energy boundaries with others, healing
past life and also for enhancing energy levels.
Crystals have the ability to absorb universal energy, amplify and radiate
it. Life force energy is continuously flowing into them. They spread the
universal energy and with our ‘intention’, we can use this energy for
healing and balancing chakras. With Reiki we can further increase the
power of the crystals.

Organs and cells in our bodies respond in harmony with the particular
patterns of vibrations of the crystals. Physical and emotional
imbalances and diseases affect the frequency of the cells and tissues.
We can restore the healthy frequencies in them using crystals.

Why to combine Reiki with Crystals
When combined with Reiki, the crystal utilizes the frequencies that
reside within the earth and amplifies them through the power of Reiki
energy. We get profound healing as a result. Similarities can be found
in the structures of crystals and our DNA.

Continued work with crystals,combined with Reiki helps to raise our
awareness in all facets of life. Desired outcomes can be achieved
through crystal Reiki by amplifying the Crystal energy. They not only
heal you but also protect you, your family, and inanimate things like
your properties etc. They reduce stress, give relaxation, and heal
ailments. They cleanse our surroundings and harmonize the energy

You have to work with them to utilize their benefits. Again, just like
Reiki, we can use them only for the highest good and positive things.

Who can learn Crystal Reiki Therapy
Crystal Reiki therapy is taught to those who have already learned Reiki,
upto Level 2

Training period
Two days, 4 to 5 hrs each day

Topics covered in the workshop
What are crystals
Different types and shapes of crystals
Their properties
How to cleanse them, program & deprogram them with our ‘intention’
How to utilize crystal energy for health, positive outcome, manifestation,
energizing and protecting our environment
Other techniques involved.

Tools needed for the workshop
1.One pair of clear Quartz and Rose Quartz pencil towers measuring three inches approximately. The pair is also called Shiv & Shakti

cry1 1 | Pranalink
2. One clear Quartz pendulum They are available in amazon

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